Liz Forshaw - Year 1

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Hello, my name is Liz Forshaw. I am a first year student. I am a qualified life coach, NLP practitioner. I love to inspire a different way of thinking. I am passionate for teaching, helping others gives me a sense of fulfillment. I have extended experience in coordinating peer schemes both at schools and businesses. I am great in explaining complex concepts in a simplified manner. 

Chloe Davies - Year 2


Hello, my name is Chloe Davies. I’m a 19-year old, second year, Educational Psychology student. I personally think that I would be good as a peer mentor as I have a kind and caring personality and because I always love to help others in need. University in general can be really challenging, but even more so during your first year. You’re in a new environment, some further away from home than others, trying to make new friends while also trying to do well on your course. I found my first year at university extremely challenging as I was five hours away from home and didn’t know anyone, I also had personal problems due to my mental health which then meant I struggled in keeping up with looking after myself and completing my assignments to a high standard at the same time. Although I passed the year overall, I feel like a peer mentor would have been perfect for me, which is why I want to take on the role this year and help to stop others going through the same or similar problems. Therefore, I feel like the role of being your peer mentor would be perfect as it would be helping me to gain more confidence but would also benefit yourselves as I’ve personally been through the problems that a lot of you may be going through also. As well as helping on a personal level I have learnt a large amount of information about psychology over the past year and feel like I could help first year students who are doing the same course to find the start of their future career pathways. I look forward to hopefully working alongside some of you during your first year at Edge Hill University.

Amanda Sahora - Year 2

Hello. My name is Amanda. I would like to help you using my skills and experience. Bi-directional learning.

Alanis Hayhurst - Year 3


As a current 3rd year student, I have plenty of knowledge and experience to help you with any issues or questions you may have. You can ask me for advice or information regarding any academic, personal or general queries, I will be happy to help. Don’t hesitate to contact me via email or ask if we can organise a meeting, whichever is easiest for you.

Amy Hargreaves  - Year 3

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I believe I would be able to add to the culture of the department due to my knowledge and academic skills developed at university, as well as my experiences outside of university. Throughout first and second year I have learnt how to reference correctly, structure an essay, develop my confidence through presentations and organise my time well to complete assignments on time. My time outside of university consists of volunteering, working and playing netball twice a week, which I find is a good coping mechanism to reduce the stresses university can cause. I currently volunteer with the Samaritans, allowing me to gain experience working with people in emotional distress, as well as supporting my fellow volunteers as I am a mentor through this charity. Not only do I think this would allow me support new students, I have the experience and knowledge of finding and going through the process of applying to volunteer, so I feel I would be confident in helping others to do so. My current paid employment is with the NHS, where I work as a healthcare assistant, aiding patients and nurses with daily tasks. This again has helped me gain experience working with a range of different people in environments which can be stressful. I believe all of this would enable me to support you through your time at university, as I have a range of knowledge and experience which could help you complete activities such as volunteer application forms, manage your time effectively or/and structure essays and referencing. 

Morgan Lakeland  - Year 3


 I’m Morgan, a third year Ed Psych student & aspiring Teacher. Throughout my university experience I have had a good group to support me both academically and emotionally and I feel that everyone should have this throughout their degree from friends or mentors. I believe I will be able to contribute well to this role as I have previous experience in a peer mentor role throughout high school and sixth form for both organisational and positive emotional support. I have also previously been a tutor and have developed skills that enable me to support people at working to their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. I have learnt to be resilient and organised in my past 2 years of study and would like to help others to do the same. I have become a peer mentor to share my top university tips & to offer friendly support.