When one teaches, two learn

Robert A. Heinlein

The essence of Progressive Peer Coaching (PPC) is that this is a system in which “students support students”. This entails a number of our students operating as peer mentors for students in other cohorts (e.g., year 2 students mentor year 1 students, etc). 

The Peer Support Scheme provides students with a relaxed space to help and support each other. It can sometimes be hard to talk to friends and family about certain issues, therefore Peer Support provides an additional support to ensure a satisfying student experience.

Peer Supporters will not write your coursework :-) but, they could help you reach your own solutions.  Peer Supporters have been specifically selected and trained.

Peer Supporters are available and happy to help.

16-19 Sept

Freshers' week 

23rd Sept

Applications for Peer Mentoring are live 


Edge Hill University

Psychology Department

Law&Psychology Building

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e: Psychologyadmin@edgehill.ac.uk


Sept 16th , 2019 

Welcome First year Students 

30th Sept 

Peer Mentoring training